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What is ShareazaPlus?

ShareazaPlus is a multi-network peer-to-peer application. It combines four netorks with different qualities to create one powererful client with more advantages than other single network applications. ShareazaPlus even supports the ability to download a single file from these four networks simultaneously, leading to faster downloads. ShareazaPlus is a mod version of Shareaza. It's aim is to redesign the network core with better stability and functionality in mind, and also to create new features that advanced users will find especially appealing. Overall, ShareazaPlus is a feature rich client with a redesigned network core, with an aim to improve performance.
Shareaza Plus is also open source. This means that the source code which makes up the program is open for the public to view and use. Open source software is usually always a guaranty that the software is adware free, spyware free, or free from any malicious code that non-open source applications can hide.

Download the latest ShareazaPlus release via P2P.

You can get a copy either from visiting the download page through the link above, or if you have existing P2P software installed that supports magnet links, you can download it here: ShareazaPlus_2.2.5.6_200902180203.exe (released 2-18-09) Magnet sources cached : ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **
**Release notes : here.

Note: A new release will have a limited number of sources on the network, therefore may be unavailiable for some time, or nonexistant. If your P2P download is taking a long time and you want it right away, go to the download page where it is availiable for direct download.

ShareazaPlus has had many core updates and fixes, some of the recent outstanding ones include:

- New and powerful search spam blocking tool.
- Explanation of ITMQ technology used in Shareazaplus.
- Newly implemented Half-Open connection limit.
- Addition of status indicator in status bar showing: UDP tracking/UKHL tracking/
UHC tracking/half-open TCP/connected TCP.
- Firewall status check on neighbour.
- Better UDP firewall detection.
- ASync Library/Download list lookup for search results (Using ITMQ)
- Optimizations to G2 LEAF/HUB node state switchig
- Sending out of UHC/UKHL packets to known nodes in the HostCache
- G1 PushProxy (UDP)
- Creation of Linker objects for TCP and UDP.
- Addition of ping/pong to CG1NeighbourPeer/CG1NeighbourUltrapeer classes.
- Changes in CFailedSource class to take GUID for PUSH(firewalled) sources.
- Addition to part of Multicast UDP support code.