ShareazaPlus now supports a very strong tool for blocking spam search results.

Spam results that turn up in searches are now able to be blocked out more easily than ever before.   The first step after installing the latest version of shareazaPlus is to populate the spam filters.   This requires you to find spam results.   Because spammers use auto generated keywords to match your searches, they are easy to find and block.

To find spam results:
  1. Connect to the networks that you ususally connect to, such as Gnutella, and Gnutella2.
  2. Perform a search for a file that does not exist. (e.g. "someautogeneratedspamfiles")
      Because there will be no legitimate files with this name, we can assume that any results that appear will be spam.
  3. When the spam results have been identified, they may be eliminated by selecting the file(s), right clicking and selecting "Ban selected file(s)"

This action will resemble the screen shot below:

  Sometimes, spam results appear in large numbers and originate from the same servers. In cases such as this, it is oftentimes easier
  to ban the user that is producing the spam search results instead of banning all the individual files.
  In cases like this, select one file from each user IP address block and "Ban User".  (outlined in red in the screenshot below)

  The action will appear similar to the screenshot below: